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🚀 4 Job Roles! How I Accelerated My Learning in the Past 5 Years 🚀

In the past five years, I’ve learned an immense amount.
I worked in 4 different roles. 3 of 4 roles were new to me!

Grasping new topics fast with enough understanding was crucial

Here’s a glimpse into four roles I implemented and how I got there:

→ Agile Coach:
Since 2009, I have been an Agile Coach. I helped teams adopt Agile practices and transform their workflows.

→ Strategic Advisor:
I expanded my perspective to include company-wide strategy.
I dove into Wardley Mapping, Blue Ocean Strategy, and Value Stream Mapping.

→ Product Coach:
I realized the importance of the Product Development Lifecycle.

I helped teams iterate faster and enhance their learning.

→ Facilitator and Course Designer:
With my background for facilitating efficient working sessions I designed many successful workshops.

I Lead teams in the past. This enabled me to design effective leadership soft skill trainings.

➠ In all roles speed of learning mattered!

Starting from scratch on topics feels sometimes overwhelming! 🤯

In these moments my approach to:
→ Capture
→ Organize
→ Distill
→ Express information helps me tap fast into new fields.

Backed by:
→ my curiosity
→ my developed growth mindset
→ applying a methodological approach

You can turn overwhelm to excitement too.

Are you facing challenges in adapting your knowledge?
Want to learn faster and remember more?

DM me “SMART” and let’s explore your path together.

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Content preparation

In the past 5 years I learned a lot. And I worked in many different roles. Being able to learn about a new topic fast and with a sufficient level of understanding was crucial.

To illustrate, let’s look at some roles I supported from:

  • building on my Agile coach, lead, master background I started as Agile Coach
  • I extended with a more strategic and company wide perspective and learned about Strategy. Some aspects - Wardley Mapping, Blue Ocean Strategy, Good Strategy-Bad Strategy and more. In addition the topic of Value Stream Mapping was crucial for finding the right spots to support
  • During that journey I discovered the importance of considering the Product Development Lifecycle more holistically. The topic of Continuous Discovery Habits by Teresa Torres became the next big field for upskilling. I became a Product Coach. Teams picked up fast and speed of iterations and learnings increase (remember Link, David)
  • Throughout my journey with team I developed a strong approach for facilitating efficient working sessions. I designed and led many workshops. This combination of design, facilitation and passion for learning brought me to my next role as Course Designer. I was leading teams in the past. This provided a spot to develop many well received leadership trainings that were executed as group based coaching sessions (I had to work in a great team with Caroline, Angie, Carla and awesome Coaches to name Katharina, Abby, Verena)

Speed of learning mattered a lot. And it increased heavily. My main speed amplifiers were:

  • Integrating AI throughout my Learning approach
  • Growing a stack of knowledge building blocks. Like Lego bricks. And using these blocks for growing compounding knowledge.
  • Understanding how Learning works. And transferring my understanding to my own learning but also to designing courses.

In many situations it felt overwhelming. I star Now I’m on my path to build QuintSmart to support you in your learning journey. With tailored approaches for smarter, faster learning in your own pace.

Are you facing a challenge to adjust your knowledge too? Would you benefit from adjusting faster and retaining more? DM me “SMART” and let’s explore your path together.

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