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How to begin

Major goals should be daunting, important and thrilling

Step 1 - Sketch the goal

Do a first sketch of the goal to make it more tangible and combine it with quick word associations (reminds me of [[Stroh im Kopf]] and using KaWas und KaGas).

The word associations should be connected with daunting, important and thrilling.

The sketch will help phrasing the goal.

Step 2 - Mission statement

Create a first mission statement.

Step 3 - Spousish Test

Do the spousish (with someone who really knows you) test.

  • reality check
  • catch problems
  • discover blind spot

Watch out for extreme reactions.

Step 4 - Goldy locks zone test

Is the goal too small or too big? Look for the perfect spot. Tweak the sketch and mission statement.

Step 5 - Add SPICE

Add some spice to the goal:

  • Can you aim higher?
  • Change timeline
  • Include team power?
  • Extend reach?
  • Lift outcomes?

Change the mission statement and experiment with powerful verbs and adjectives.

Step 6 - Status Quo and Rewards check

What are the benefit of not taking on that goal? What are the rewards for not doing it?

What are the costs of not pursuing the goal?

Step 7 - Move forward

MOVE … with small steps, but MOVE. And do a recap of your progress and success every 6 weeks.

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