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Notes from the Zoom Work Transformation Summit

  • transformative AI
  • took 3 months for 100m users to start using ChatGPT
  • speed of change increased heavily
  • 62% of average workday is lost to mundane tasks
  • generative AI plays a big role here
  • for meeting efficiency great
  • any content from meetings in AI is not used to train the AI model
    • Zoom does not use content to train AI
    • treat safety and privacy as highest priority
    • don’t keep the transcripts
    • only can access based on debug request from customers
  • recorded
    • people behave better
  • discovered the interpretation feature, where people can listen in their language
  • connecting with real people is a privilege
  • AI augmenting peoples performance
  • ability to bridge language barriers and foster collaboration. They also explored how Zoom’s features, including closed captioning and meeting summarization, could increase productivity and foster creativity
  • many people use AI companion for summaries already

CxO Panel notes

  • AI bots great, but it needs also the direct access to a real person
  • AI can help to make choices
  • personalize CX at Zoom
    • is data used with AI send to 3rd parties and/or used to train AI
    • how much personalization is needed
    • how do the different media streams fit in
    • notice and choise AND notice and consent
  • reduction for Personal Identifiable Information
  • Can you limit what GenAI has access too?
  • How does AI help the company to achieve their goals?
  • Know your technology providers
    • thoughtful approach
    • strong in innovation
  • Work with a pilot group
  • Sync with level of control you need over your data types

Session 3

  • build a private GPT to have their private data in it
  • connected that with Slack
  • incubator program - for people to understand prompt engineering
    • gamification of finding amazing prompts and then provide these prompts in the company
  • Scenarios team
  • Need to look at Microsoft integration with file system
  • AI companion - people can be more aware and follow meeting
  • Update your vendor due diligence questions


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