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The Value of Self Assessment

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Being aware about own strengths is of high value to leverage and extend these strengths and increase performance. Thanks for Quilco and recommending the Clifton Strenghts Strenghtfinder. According to that test my 5 most developed strenghts out of a list of 34 are:

  • Activator - make things happen
  • Intellection - like to think
  • Empathy - can sense the emotions of those around me
  • Learner - love to learn
  • Strategic - sort through the clutter and find the best route

followed by Achiever, Competition, Maximizer, Arranger, Adaptability.

This matches super well. For me the value in such tests it that it provided me a mirror and reflection point. In addition I get names for my strengths and can describe it even better to others. And I can just share it with my team. In addition the test report also shows where I need to be careful with such strengths.

Another personal assessment that I really like is the RedBull Wingfinder. This test is a much more engaging and at the same time also a little more demanding.

An my Wingfinder Talent Passport describes me as:

  • very balanced - high resilience, being upbeat, keeping a cool head
  • supportive - desire to help, openness to other opinions, group focus
  • agile - using reason to solve problems, being objective, learning constantly
  • classical - ability to keep things simple, pragmatic approach, with high reliability

With an EQ (Emotional Quotient) of 125 with strong development of self-awareness followed by self-organization, social competence and empathy.

And with the DISC - Dominance-Influence-Steadiness-Conscientiousness I’m currently DISC style C - I tend to be analytical, reserved with focus on accuracy and quality. Oh yes.

And I connect all of these insights and more instructions of how to work with me and share that with people I’m working with. This provides my peers an overview and insights about me as a person and is an important investment in building trust. I’m sharing something personal and make myself vulnerable. And other can connect on through their own awareness and we can also learn about our interesting differences.

I share my How to work with me in my comment. Maybe you find that interesting and want to use a similar format for yourself. Looking forward to your learnings and impressions.

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