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Celebrating One Year with NessLabs Community
(My Journey with Mindful Productivity)

Today marks a year since I joined the NessLabs community, founded by the inspiring Anne-Laure Le Cunff.

The core of the community for me is about Mindful Productivity -
being consciously present in what you’re doing, while you’re doing it,
in conjunction with managing your mental and emotional states.

Highlights from My NessLabs Experience:
📝 Brainwriting & Emotional Brainwriting:
I discovered the power of group writing and how emotional Brainwriting transforms my thoughts and feelings

🧘 Mindful Productivity:
Learned principles and practices that have been truly eye-opening (keywords hashtag#metacognition, hashtag#pact hashtag#pari )

📚 From Collector to Creator:
Currently exploring this course, helping me transition from consuming to creating knowledge

🌱 Mind Gardening:
Engaging with peers on topics like productivity, lifelong learning, and creativity enriched my understanding of “Mind Gardening.”

Engaging in Waves: My Interaction with NessLabs
Fascinating how my engagement with NessLabs ebbs and flows.
There are times when I dive deeply into the community, sharing thoughts and contributing actively.
At other times, I step back, yet the regular email updates keep me connected and informed about new sessions and content.

Shoutout to Anne-Laure Le Cunff for her brilliant writing.
Her newsletters are a highlight and regularly influence my “Second Brain”.

NessLabs has shown me the importance of community in personal growth. It’s not just about techniques, but also observing how I evolve as a community member.

Thank you, Ness Labs, for the ongoing inspiration and support. Here’s to continued learning and growth together!

What community has significantly impacted your personal or professional growth?

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Content preparation

I’m grateful for 1 year membership in the NessLabs community. A community about Mindful Productivity founded by Anne-Laure Le Cunff. Through my one year journey I also observed my behavior being a community member.

Some highlights I got from being a community member:

  • Through the group writing sessions I discovered brainwriting and for myself emotional brainwriting
  • immersed into the topic of Mindful Productivity - being consciously present in what you’re doing, while you’re doing it, in conjunction with managing your mental and emotional states
  • I’m just immersing in the course from Collector to Creator
  • like learning about thoughts from peers about Productivity, Lifelong Learning, Creativity
  • learning more about Mind Gardening and the experience and examples from others

I find it super interesting, how I’m engaging in waves with NessLabs. It feels good to look at new insights shared in the community. In these moments I’m turning into an more active member role, providing thoughts and comments.

Then I’m switching off for some moments, but like the reminders of what is going on via a the regular eMail updates on upcoming sessions and content added. In addition I learn a lot through Anne-Laure Le Cunff’s awesome writing. The regular newsletters are often a highlight I capture in my Second Brain. Thanks for that consistent work and inspiration!

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