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I struggled to retain what I learned for decades

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I struggled to retain what I learned for decades
(my Second Brain + these 6 Strategies help me today)

📖Learn Better📖 outlines 6 powerful strategies for mastering new skills.
As a Second Brain 🧠 builder, I’ve found it’s the perfect tool to amplify these approaches.

Here is my mapping - 6 learn better strategies AND Second Brain:

Set Small, Specific Goals
↳ I maintain my P.A.R.A structure and
work with progress goals in each project

Seek and Act on Feedback
↳ I work out loud in my Digital Garden,
help others to grow their knowledge fast and seek discussions

Find Meaning and Relevance
↳ I grow from my 12 Favorite Problems
↳ Actively link your new knowledge to these problems

Immerse Yourself and Visualize
↳ I use Excalidraw for embedded visualizations
↳ I work in Obsidian’s Full focus mode combined
with Brain(dot)fm curated brain wave music

Understand Relationships and Vary Practice
↳ I discover connections with AI-power through the Smart Connections Plugin
↳ I grow my knowledge hubs with “Maps of Content”

Effective Learning Techniques (e.g., Self-Quizzing, Spaced Repetition)
↳ Flashcards with Anki or Obsidian Spaced Repetition plugin

Now I’m curious to learn what works for you! Please extends with your comments.

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Content preparation

Hook: 6 strategies to learn better amplified through my Second Brain

I’m a Second Brain builder and externalize my knowledge to advance my learning with technology. Let’s consider how I can apply apply key insights from Learn Better leveraging my Second Brain

Employ Effective Learning techniques like self-quizzing and repeated recall ↳My wife recently used Obsidian Space Repetition based based on her notes to prepare for her exam. I also recommend to look at Flashcards LLM to leverage Flashcards generated with AI

Find Meaning and Relevance: Make the skills or knowledge you’re learning valuable and meaningful to you personally. ↳ It starts with my list of 12 favorite problems that I maintain as central document in my Second Brain ↳ Knowledge finds me through that focus and when it connects to my favorite problems and extends my knowledge I perceive a high value from it

Set Small, Specific Goals: Break larger goals into smaller, more manageable targets, and build up background knowledge first. ↳ Each project I maintain in my PARA structure grows my background knowledge ↳ I leverage progress goals and reflect on my projects and progress regularly by scanning through my active projects maintained in Obsidian

Seek and Act on Feedback: Getting feedback from others is crucial for improving your skills. Monitor your mistakes and turn it to opportunities for growth. ↳ Via working out loud in my Digital Garden with direct exports from my Second Brain I can share knowledge fast and help others to start right away and also support discussions ↳ I regularly adjust my approaches based on new insights and advancements in technology. Recently with adaptations to AI

Immerse Yourself and Visualize: Constantly strive to deepen your understanding of your field, and use visualization techniques to better learn concepts and facts. ↳ I use Obsidian Excalidraw for Visualizations inside my Second Brain ↳ Obsidian Full Focus mode combined with Brain.fm music supports my immersion in thinking and writing

Understand Relationships and Vary Practice: Focus on comprehending the relationships between different concepts, and practice your skills in varied ways. ↳I discover new connections through Obsidian Smart Connections AI plugin ↳By building Maps of Content and grow them as knowledge hubs ↳By expressing my knowledge in various ways - one of it - my daily LinkedIn posts


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