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Notes from CDH guide

Peak - The new science of expertise

Opportunity solution tree

Outcome - measure the value one creates for the customer. E.g. Increase percentage of customer who work out at least 2x per week

OST - a visual that helps to chart the best path to reach this outcome.

Opportunity examples

  • I don’t have time going to the gym
  • I don’t know what might be an effective workout

Start with the end in mind. What are we trying to achieve? That is our outcome.

Why aren’t we achieving it today? Those are our opportunities.

How might we overcome those obstacles or address those opportunities. Those are our solutions.

OST helps to see our thinking. This makes it easier to improve our thinking.

Blinks from Continuous Discovery Habits

Outcomes are the impacts on your business or your customers.

Focus on a few outcomes for a longer time. In product discovery patience is key. 6-9 months to expect.

Ask: What impact will this outcome have on our business and/or customer

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