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The hook is 90% of a good post.

↳ It’s a promise to your reader.
↳ It gets them in the room.
↳ It gives them the post.

The re-hook retains reader attention.

↳ It immediately connects to first line.
↳ It slams the door behind.
↳ It adds ‘heft’ to first line.

Formatting is underrated.

↳ It should symbolise a progressive journey.
↳ It needs to be visually appealing.
↳ It guides the reader’s eye.

Write directly to one reader.

↳ Use the “Dear Son” framework to
↳ Make your content feel personal.
↳ Make your content intimate.

Use 3-7 ‘pinned’ comments per post.

↳ Each drives engagement and ‘dwell time’
↳ Wait 10 minutes before adding these.
↳ Questions, bonuses, photos, CTAs

Give everything away to your audience.

↳ Share 100% of what you know.
↳ Templates, tactics, tools, tips.
↳ Give, give, give, take.

Add a ‘P.S’ at the end of every post.

↳ It should make it easy to respond.
↳ It should promote engagement.
↳ Breaks the ‘flow’ of the post.


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