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Boost your productivity with Science you can hear

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Boost your productivity with Science you can hear 🧠🎵
(How I switch super fast to deep work full focus mode)

In our distraction-filled world, achieving deep focus is crucial. I’ve discovered a method that significantly boosts my concentration, and it might benefit you too.

My Secret? brain.fm Music
Just putting on my headphones and hitting play signals my brain to dive into deep work mode. Research shows the right music can improve our focus by aligning our brain’s activity with the music’s rhythm. This “neural phase locking” enhances our ability to concentrate and perform tasks more efficiently.

To further enhance my deep work sessions:

✪ Schedule dedicated time blocks for focused work.
✪ Eliminate distractions by closing unrelated apps and tidying my workspace
✪ Set my phone aside to prevent unnecessary interruptions.
✪ Set clear goals for each session.
✪ Monitor my energy and take breaks or naps as needed.

I’m curious about your strategies. What helps you tune out the noise and lock in on your work?

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A booster in productivity with Science I can hear (How I switch super fast to deep work full focus mode)

With many potential sources of interruption surrounding us, it is important to acquire skills to focus on one task at a time. To practice deep work. To reach deep focus it is essential to give our body what it needs to focus.

I leverage Brain.fm music to get into deep work very fast. I actually build a habit with Brain.fm. I use it to start my deep work phase. Plugging in my headphone and switching on Brain.fm provides me the signal - FOCUS NOW.

This music, can make the brain work in a way that improves concentration on tasks. It was found that this kind of music can lead to better performance in tasks that require continuous attention by enhancing brain activity in areas related to focus. This suggests that tailored music could be a useful tool for helping with attention challenges.

Neural phase locking to music means the brain aligns its electrical activity with the rhythm of the music. This alignment helps the brain process information more efficiently, leading to better concentration and task performance. When your brain “locks in” with the music’s rhythm, it can help focus your attention, reduce distractions, and make it easier to stay on task, enhancing overall performance in activities that require sustained attention.

This synchronization can help direct your attention more effectively, reducing the impact of external distractions and internal wandering thoughts.

I experiment with the Neural Effect Level and it is really interesting how my brain and body reacts to it. It’s like getting in sync with the music and switching off other distractions.

Further supporting aspect of creating deep work phases:

  • I plan focus sessions actively in my calendar.
  • I remove further distractions. E.g. I close other apps and keep only what matters for the current topic at hand.
  • I put my mobile in distance.
  • I set myself a goal that I want to reach with that deep work phase.
  • I work with metacognition and observe my energy levels. If I feel that my batteries are low and I can’t focus I embed a break, take a walk, get fresh air, exercise and super efficient for me, I take a power nap.

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