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Book Club - Future Organization Playbook - 3rd Session - Innovation Architecture

  • Innovation - ability to re-thing user experience and the offer to the customer
  • Ambidextrie - between becoming more efficient and developing new products
  • Geert Claes


  • St.Gallen Business Model navigator
  • Jobs-2-be-done and Service design
  • let experts deal with uncertainty
  • Innovation Board approach - with exploration, solution creation and evaluation
    • great tool for alignment and steering communication about ideas
  • Phases of an innovation process
    • idee & sketches
    • concept & implementation
    • MVP/pilot (startup)
    • scaling (scaleup) - Blitzscaling?
  • access own risk appetite - level of braveness
    • really good to check if one should start with innovation
  • with high uncertainty - it is important to place many small bets
  • innovation stack
    • heros
    • innovation activities
    • team based innovation
    • innovation architecture - organization wide model for working with innovation
    • adaptive strategy - connected with markers

Methods to increase ability to innovation

  • build an innovation architecture
  • develop innovation experts - and multipliers
  • run innovation projects
  • raise awareness on playground and where to innovation - work with Wardley Maps
  • work with product discovery approaches
  • work with experience design

3 horizons regarding innovation

  • horizon 1 - incremental innovation on existing business model - known
  • horizon 2 - sustaining innovation, adapting/variation for existing business model - partially unknown
  • horizon 3 - disruptive innovation - new business model development - unknown

Level of participation with innovation

transformation - high level of participation innovation - more specialized approach

Mapping of Innovation approaches and transformation vs. innovation Source: Future Organization Playbook p143

  • Connection with business model canvas - [[Testing Business Ideas - David Bland Alexander Osterwalder]]

4 Central roles in innovation

Innovation Team

Innovation Management

Innovation Sponsoring

Innovation enablers

Wardley Mapping

  • [[GCHQ_Boiling_Frogs_Highlights.pdf]]
  • About Wardley Maps
  • use card sorting to adjust levels of items on a Wardley Map
  • Combine Wardley Maps with Note about Causal Loop Diagram (system maps). Could be interesting to understand forces that move items in direction commodization.
  • How much do I use the visibility axis?
    • also to be used as Value Chain view
    • could derive level of Product Discovery that is appropriate (the higher, the more customer facing product discovery)
  • Connection of Wardley Mapping as Strategy Tool and WM as Innovation tool
    • Wardley feeds the innovation board - explore part. Leads to HMW questions.
    • Helps to challenge current markers
    • Leads to discovery of new options

Mapping of approaches to stages in Innovation and Strategy hexagon

Source: Future Organization Playbook p183

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