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How to work with me

Things about my personality that might be useful for you to know…

I’m a knowledge nerd, somewhere in the middle between introvert and extrovert. Father of 3+1 children in age range 12-17 (2023). Vegan since 2009. Huge Peloton enthusiast (2023 so far 7000’ mainly on the bike).

And I really enjoy building my Second Brain. I discovered that learning brings me joy and satisfaction.

My top 5 strengths seem to be (according to Clifton Strenghts - Strenghtfinder):

  • Driver/Energy
  • Brainpower
  • Empathy
  • Learner
  • Strategic


How to communicate with me…

Radical Candor, Transparent, Direct

Radical Candor please. I prefer direct communication and aim to access information from multi perspectives.

Transparency is key to me as transparency enables honest, fast and trust based collaboration.

In-Time, all-in

In-time to an event. Please don’t hesitate and approach me immediately with topics, especially when they are important and the blast radius of delaying communication increases.

In can carry emotions and listen with empathy and distance at the same time.

Written-async or verbal-sync - context matters

I prefer written information when it goes deep and can be analysed in an asynchronous manner.

I prefer direct communication when it is complex and feels like a hairball to untangle. And when emotions are important to have on the table.

Lets go deep

Debates and going deep is great. So let’s also engage in discussions and combine our perspectives

How to work with me…

I need thinking time

I love to get my thoughts around a question to answer or problem to solve. Not really on the spot .. and I’m also convinced that this often leads to shallow answers.

Please approach me

I’m really happy to receive your requests and contribute with my knowledge and abilities. Don’t hesitate to get in contact. I’ll manage my time and will provide you an orientation, if I can work you and by when.

Please ping me

When I know expectations, e.g. what do deliver and in what timeframe, I’m able to manage that. I aim to provide in-between signals of progress. If you feel a disconnection, please ask and don’t hesitate and delay.

Stop me and let’s build mental bridges

I love to immerse in topics. And I was able to collect many approaches and experiences throughout my journey. This is at the same time also a challenge to execution. Bridging the knowledge level differences is not easy for me. So if you feel its to heavy, it does not resonate or you miss understanding, let’s align - fast and lightweight please.

Keep me out of parties, please

I’m really not a party person. It consumes a lot of energy and I don’t perceive personal value from it. If I join, it is main to do a favor to others. So if I can escape from it, I’ll do so 😄

Remote working style…

Highest energy levels in the morning

I’m member of the 5AM club . I have my first highly energetic moments early on and you can reach me easily from around 9AM. Then I finished already my sports and immersion session. You can reach me well until 5:30pm and I’m occasionally also reading messages later. Often you can still find me working on things outside these time boundaries. I go with the flow.

Reach me best via Slack

You can best reach me via Slack. I aim to respond within some hours (between 9-17:30). If I can’t work on your request right away I’ll directly mention that and provide an outline when it might be possible.

Please message me whenever it suits you best. I’m responsible for managing my time properly.


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