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For my recent analysis of LinkedIn post statistics I leveraged the powerful Julius.AI data analysis tool. This saved me quite some time and also reduced costs of working with several tools to analyze and visualize data.

Some core benefits for me:

  • With a little background about data analysis terms I can chat with Julius.AI and ask for certain insights. I can iterate fast toward the insights I would like to gain.
  • It shows the code used to generate the data insights. With that I can learn what Python instructions where used and I can fast validate the results (when I understand Python)
  • I can generate even advanced charts super fast. Actually for some charts I even would not have known proper tools for creating them.

3 simple examples with different knowledge levels applied:

  • Based on the number of impressions. What are the top performing topics and what are the lowest performing topics?
  • Can you please mitigate the outliers and add trendlines
  • What are the average, mean, percentiles, standard deviation for impressions?

Another great example of AI amplified learning and fast outcome creation. Having some knowledge about working with data and types of visualizations is and advantage. But I guess one can cover even that with some clever combination of ChatGPT and Julius.AI prompting.

Have fun exploring your next level of working with data!

Posted on LINKEDIN on 2024-03-26_Tue


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