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Team Genius - some quotes

Importance of Communication

How team members communicate is just as important a predictor of team success as several other, highly prized, factors combined—including intelligence, personality, skill, and content of discussions

Importance of expertics

Collaboration will not compensate for an inadequately endowed team

Importance of (right consideration) of Diversity

it is not apparent diversity (such as differences in gender, age, or race) that promotes better group performance, but rather diversity in people’s heuristics, perspectives, interpretations, and predictive models—all of which are derived from members’ cultural backgrounds, training, and experience

The more diverse a team, the more volatile it is likely to be. And often the only thing keeping such a team from exploding is the quality of its leadership.

Importance of Colocation

the best strategy is, if possible, to keep team members together through more than one project. That will give them a chance to learn about each other and to bond—and in the process, help mitigate the social categorization problems associated with diverse teams

Important team success factors

  • The team has a compelling direction: the team task is clear, challenging, and consequential.
  • The team is bounded (it is clear who is and who is not on the team) and stable (the team’s membership is not constantly fluctuating), and its members are interdependent (that is, they interact with one another to accomplish the team’s work).
  • The team is set up with the right mix of members, who have norms of conduct that guide their behavior. Team members are different but not so different that they cannot work with each other. Team members have the right set of skills and expertise for the team task.
  • The team has a supportive organizational context that provides team members with access to resources, information, and training to help accomplish their task.
  • The team receives coaching from experts, peers, and leaders.

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