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Blue Ocean Strategy

[[W. Chan Kim-Blue Ocean Strategy, Expanded Edition]]

Value Innovation (Core of Blue Ocean Strategy)

4 Actions Framework - Recude-Eliminate-Raise-Create

source p47

source p53 Cirque du Soleil example

One can use p60++ to derive a step-by-step checklist for working with the value curve

Strategy Canvas - Value Innovation and Competitors

source p48


3 Tiers of Noncustomers

source P169

P 174

Six Paths to a new Value Cost Frontier

Blue Ocean mindset

When managers are urged to secure a competitive advantage, what are they likely to do? They automatically look to the competition, assess what their competitors do, and strive to do it better. But, in so doing, their strategic thinking unknowingly regresses toward the competition. The competition becomes the defining variable of strategy, not buyer value. 1

  1. Mauborgne, Renee; Kim, W. Chan. Blue Ocean Shift: Beyond Competing - Proven Steps to Inspire Confidence and Seize New Growth (S.58). Pan Macmillan. Kindle-Version. 

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