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Currently used Plugins in an overview

You can find all installed plugins and detailed descriptions how to use them in your Settings - Community plugins. I’ll shortly describe why I installed the following plugins.

Advanced Tables

If you want to work with tables in Obsidian this simplifies that a lot.


Create queries based on Obsidian Notes and Tasks. This is e.g. used in Home to list spaces and open tasks.


Great plugin to draw directly inside Obsidian. Needs some learning how to use it properly, but once mastered it becomes a strong companion for working with visualisations and embedding that directly in your notes.


Create Kanban boards directly in Obsidian. I use that e.g. for the list of books I’m reading and tracking progress for processing books through by Second Brain funnel.

See this embedded reading list _Reading Order


Displays the calendar tab on the right side. In the calendar daily notes from your journal will be automatically linked. And you can also easily create a daily note from the calendar. In addition the calendar is displayed on topic right in your daily note.


Provides a set of useful functions to work with templates. E.g. if you create a note in Fleeting notes the temlate TPL Fleeting Note is automatically applied.


Provide a rich configuration to work with Callouts in your notes like that:

collapse: open
Working with callouts provides a great way to better format important information.


Let’s you work with tasks inside Obisidan.

  • Check when you got an overview on the installed plugins ✅ 2023-02-06

Minimal Theme Settings

Further detailed adjustments to your Obsidian appearance. This Second Brain configuration is base on the Minimal Theme for Obsidian.

Style settings

Detailed overall style settings for Obsidian appearance

Tag Wrangler

Adds renaming and searching for tags to Obsidian

Editor Syntax Highlight

Adds better highlighting for Code blocks. Especially interesting when you want to embed code examples.

Natural Language Dates

Lets you add dates with natural language like e.g. TODAY (mark today and then hit cmd+p - parse natural language date and it will replace the text with the date).

Try for example: 5 days ago 2 weeks from now

Ozan’s Image in Editor Plugin

Image manipulation. E.g. make an image smaller. 300

Blog Banner 560x315 px

Blog Banner 560x315 px

Emoji Toolbar

Simply add emojiis in your notes by cmd+p emojii 😊

Recent Files

Displays recently used files. You can find it left bottom beside the favorite items. This is also quite useful for linking as you can just drag and drop an entry from the history to another note that you are currently working on. This way I link for example my daily notes with topics I worked on today.

Periodic Notes

Adds rich functionality to working with Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly notes and cross linking it. And adds a timeline on a periodic note

Obsidian Icon Folder

With the help of this plugin you can add an Icon to a folder in your Obsidian navigation. Like for example the home icon and leaf icon currently used.

Note Refactor

A rich set of functions to refactor your notes and e.g. implement creating Atomic Notes (see [[How to Take Smart Notes - Sönke Ahrens]])


Applies several standard formatting to your files when you save a file. E.g. adding a file name inside the file.

Database folder

Let’s you create databases inside Obisidan based on notes. It is for example used to maintain an index for the Johnny Decimal system.



Let’s you work with banners for a notes. Like in [[🌱 Start Here]]

Quick Explorer

Makes it super easy to explore files just from the top of the current file.

Kindle Highlights

You need to connect with your Amazon account and then you can import your Kindle book highlights. Each book’s highlights are store in a separate file under [[Kindle]].

Dice Roller

E.g. for embedding documents randomly in your Daily Notes

dice: #MOC\|-

Emoji Shortcodes

Let’s you embed emojes just by starting with a :: . For example 💯

Typewriter Scroll Obsidian Plugin

Highlights the current column your are writing in. An puts all other column in the background. This enables better focus.

In addition the plugin keeps the line where you write in the center of the screen.

Simple Embeds

Simplifies embedding pictures and media content

Text Generator

Connection with openai. If you create and account and enter your API key you can leverage ChatGPT AI directly in Obsidian.

I just asked: What are the best 10 plugins for Obsidian?
And got these answers:

  1. Obsidian Vault: A powerful note-taking plugin for managing large knowledge bases.
  2. PlantUML: A plugin for creating diagrams and flowcharts from text markup.
  3. Markdown Table of Contents: Automatically generate a table of contents for your markdown files.
  4. Image Reference: Easily embed images in your notes with this plugin.
  5. MathJax: Enables the display of mathematical formulas in Obsidian notes.
  6. Bear Linker: Create links between notes quickly and easily with this plugin.
  7. Task List Enhancement: Adds checkboxes and other enhancements to task lists in Obsidian notes.
  8. Graphviz Previewer: Automatically preview your Graphviz diagrams as you type them out in Obsidian notes.
  9. Tables Generator Toolkit: Easily create tables with this plugin, perfect for creating outlines and lists in Obsidian notes quickly and easily!
  10. External Link Checker: Helps keep track of any external links in your notes, so you can easily spot broken ones before they become an issue!

So maybe more to explore

Focus Mode

Let’s you toggle focus mode by cmd+p focus


Lets you create a project for writing several chapters/scenes and then rendering a combined document.

Access a worldwide database of books and add book metadata to your Obsidian. E.g. the entries in [[_Reading Order]] are created from the book search.

Zoottelkeeper Plugin

Renders folder overview pages that you can e.g. use for linking to folders like [[Midjourney V6 prompts examples]].

Extract URL content

Extracts content from external pages and imports as a markdown file

Extract Highlights

Extracts highlights from a document to a new document. E.g. interesting for extracting key insight after applying progressive summarization and working on adding own thoughts.

Auto Note Mover

Moves notes based on rules. E.g. used when creating a book note from book search and then moving it to [[Literature Inbox]]

Activity History


Frontmatter Tag Suggest

Suggests Tags to use when entering tags inside front matter. Very useful to not spell tags wrong.

Tidy Footnotes

Small support to work efficiently with Footnotes in notes

Editor Commands Remap

Let’s you remap editor command to different key shortcuts


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