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Agile Leadership Capstone

First 30 days to develop yourself, team and enterprise.


Agile Transformation Map

  • Envision statement should not yet contain the How.
  • Envision statement is part of the workbook page 5.

Become unshakable in the face of change to demonstrate authentic world-class leadership by June 2022. It includes three elements: what, why, and when.

For my personal transformation I will use my agility score as a way to measure my progress. You can find your score by completing the personal agility assessment on page two of the Agile Leader Workbook

risks are not following through on my plan consistent commitment in other competing priorities of life. To mitigate these, I will commit to pre-planning my week, checking progress once a month. I will take the assessment once a month to get an updated agility score, and we will display my envision statement above my desk. Even if I get off track because of the things that come up in life, I can quickly get back to taking action and making progress towards my goal

Gantt Chart Tutorial

Creating a Product/Spring Backlog

  • Excel Sheet

Course 2 - Envisioning

What - Why - When

  • How would you want to feel when you don’t have a choice and control over the change?
  • What kind of person and leader are you when you reach this ideal relationship with change?
  • Pause the video, grab your workbook. Set a timer for three minutes and continue to write as long as the timer is going.
  • How do you want to feel about uncertainty?
  • What would you like your confidence level around change to be?
  • Describe your emotional and physical state. What would your energy level be in this future state? What about your posture and voice?

of the Envision statement that I have created for my team is pilot one week long sprints for 60 days to introduce and assess the fate of Scrum for the work of the team by May 2021.

employee survey scores, or agile knowledge ratings, or a number of Sprint’s completed


How to use a Rubric

grading rubric is a grading guide that explains the expectations of your work and informs you of how your performance in the project will be judged. It consists of three major accounts, criteria, ratings, and your points.



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