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Notes from Create a Life Compass for Aligned Action


Nice format to show the agenda

  • Values ➡ Abstract, ideals to live by and move towards
    • guiding principles that shape the way we live our lifes
    • not something that can be achieved or completed
    • provide a continuous direction for conducting ourselves and for taking decisions
  • Dreams ➡ Specific and achievable and ambitious
  • 12 favorite problems ➡ abstract

Values exercise

Questions around Values


  • Write yourself a list of about 100 dreams (and don’t get excessive with ticking them all off)

Some example dreams

Dreams exercise

My 100 dreams

Daily inspiration

What do you want to happen daily or weekly? What will add joy/color to my life if that would happen regularly?

Quarterly projects

  • can go with the season
  • values/dreams/12 favs/daily inspiration inform the projects
  • long enough, so that you can close things and also short enough to not go too long in maybe wrong direction
  • What would you like to live and experience during the next 3 months of your life?
  • Set goals that are concrete, achievable, connected (to values, 12 favs, dreams) and mine
  • Write 3-4 actions already in the beginning, to get it started


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