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Feynmans 12 favorite problems

Richard Feynman (Biographie)

Deep and wide. Explored so much the live has to offer.

  • keep a dozen of your favorite problems/open questions present in your mind
  • test it against each of your twelve problems

  • Read Feynman: Biographie: [[Richard Feynman - John Gribbin Mary Gribbin]]
  • What are my recurring, long term interests/open questions?

Nice open ended questions to define or find my 12 questions

How can I…?

How might we…?

How can my organization…?

How can I help others to…?

How does X relate to Y?

How do I…?

What does it look like to…?

What would be possible if…?

What do I want with…?

What would I do if…?

What would happen if…?

What would have to be true to…?


  1. Get started with these prompts (What were you obsessed with as a child or teenager? What are the longest-running hobbies you’ve had in your life? +8 more)
  2. Formulate your own “How/What” questions
  3. Make your questions specific, counter-intuitive, or cross-disciplinary
  4. Start capturing information relevant to your favorite problems
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