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The anatomy of a perfect educational article



  • Writing an educational article
  • best ways to study a topic.
  • The Feynman Technique—which - Feynmans 12 favorite problems
  • explaining the concept to a child or someone who has no prior knowledge of it.
  • A great way to do this is to write an introductory article about what you want to learn.
  • educational article is the one that helps you understand a new concept, and helps teach it to your readers as well.
  • needs to start from the fundamentals and gradually go into the more complex concepts.
  • It also needs to be practical and offer ways to take one’s learning further if they wish to.
  • Provide a step-by-step explanation
  • take the reader on a journey of exploration and discovery.
  • Imagine a ladder with each incremental step bringing the reader and yourself closer to a satisfactory understanding of a concept. (I’m
  • One section should only correspond to one idea.
  • Make it visual
  • “A picture is worth a thousand words.”
  • they can be used as explanatory tools.
  • Build context
  • curious wanderings are still amazing experiences.
  • The goal of learning is to form new insights, not to accumulate facts.
    • Note: great goal of learning – create insights - so a KPI … Number of insights one can remember
  • Make sure to provide context around the concept you are writing about. This can be as simple as linking to other related concepts,
  • will help the readers and yourself progressively create a mental map
  • Interlinking concepts is a form of study.
  • a knowledge graph, which make it even easier to explore topics within a wider context.
  • pay attention to keywords related to topics you may have written about in the past, and link back to these
  • Suggest practical applications
  • Do include a few pointers so they can put what they just learned into practice.
  • write a short educational article to publish on your blog,
  • thinking toolbox.
    • Note: a great other word for Second Brain or actually a usage of a Second Brain
  • The generation effect shows that we tend to remember information better when we create our own version of the content we consume.
    • Note: This links to progressive summarization and writing something in your own words
  • Encourage your readers to share their thoughts
  • providing a reading list
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