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My 100 dreams

Based on Notes from Create a Life Compass for Aligned Action

  1. Go to US and see the nature impressions
  2. Go to Neuseeland and travel for 6 months through the most beautiful places
  3. Get to burning man and go wild
  4. Build a permaculture garden and eat fresh from that place
  5. Conduct a educational changing system around better learning with using a Second Brain
  6. Produce a video series about my experiences in building a Second Brain
  7. Become a leading BASB expert in the world and shape the way people learn
  8. Have access to a basketball field, where I can play a bit regularly
  9. Be able to do 75 Liegestuetze without interruption
  10. Live in my house
  11. Become financially independent in a level that I can spent most of my time with topics I want to spent time on
  12. Touch a Mammut-Tree in their original place


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