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Notes from 5-Figure Launch Accelerator

Source: Build to impact

  • Launch - a planned effort to bring a new product to market
  • analysis of audience, core message
  • people need to see something 21 times!
  • planning (2w) - pre-launch 2-3w - open cart 1-2w - post launch


Build assets:

  • Sales page
  • Checkout page
  • eMail content
  • Social Media Content
  • etc

  • Promotion of main content starts … raise awareness with clients about your existence and expertise
  • Make systems ready to accept clients
  • Promotional phase around 10-14 day

    Main Event

  • Webinar, Masterclass, Challenge etc - see also Day 1 - Session notes

    Launch Phase aka enrollment period

  • people can purchase my offer
  • main focus on selling
  • 7-10d
  • the launch is not over until it is over
  • people often buy in the beginning or at the end (1-2 days range)
  • actively show up during the launch phase

    Launch Date

  • the first day of your offer


  • day when you open the cart and make your offer available for enrolling
  • typically on the day of the main event
  • on a 5 days challenge this might be e.g. on day 3

    Open enrollment period

  • starts with [[#Open-Cart-date]] and then e.g 7-10 days

Close cart date

  • final cart close date

Post launch phase

  • send last minute eMails to collect data from audience that did not buy
  • do a post launch debrief
  • Onboard & welcome new members - publicly (FOMO) and internally
  • Build a waitlist for people who did not buy

Some metrics

  • Registration conversion = Total registrations / Audience Size audience size - e.g email list of subscribers

  • Attendee conversion = total number of attendees / total number of registrants
  • Total sales conversion = total number of sales / total number of attendees
  • Total launch revenue = number of sales in currency
  • Total cash collected = Actual money paid to you

Launch goals

Based on the metrics you can define your launch goals

Example goals sheet

Several preparation material

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