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Book Notes Capturing with ChatGPT

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How to chatGPT Your Book Highlights into Actionable Insights
(from 📚book highlight to Second Brain note in 3 steps)

Transform your reading into actionable knowledge with this simple
ChatGPT + Obsidian workflow:

1️⃣ — Highlight Insights:
Mark key passages in your books with an orange highlighter

2️⃣ — Digitize Highlights:
Snap photos of your highlighted pages and use ChatGPT to extract the text

3️⃣ — Organize in Obsidian:
Seamlessly integrate those insights into your Obsidian “Second Brain” using the Smart Connect GPT plugin.

Note: Keep in mind the 10-image upload limit per prompt on ChatGPT and perform a quick manual check to capture any misses.

Will you try that too?

Here is my prompt that you might start with:
Please extract the highlights from the text and create a note in Obsidian with it. Also output here for reference.
Highlights are the ones with orange color.
Please extract ALL highlighted text from the provided images.
There might be several highlights per image. Look for up to 20 highlights per image, for each image!
Be extremely thorough and double-check each image to ensure ALL highlights are captured.
Include the page numbers if visible. Also Include highlights if you can’t find a page number. Put these in a section named: No Page Number.
If page numbers are not visible, the highlighted text still needs to be extracted and reported!
Provide the exact text as highlighted WITHOUT summarizing. Just the raw text.
Accuracy and completeness are crucial.

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Content preparation

How to use speed capture your book highlights with ChatGPT (from (physical) book highlight to Second Brain note in 2 steps)

I used ChatGPT-4o combined with the Smart Connect Obsidian GPT to simplify capturing highlights from “physical” books.

  • While reading I highlight new insights with orange color
  • The I take pictures from the pages with highlight and ask ChatGPT to extract the colored highlights
  • Combined with the Smart Connections GPT it directly creates a note with all the highlights in my Obsidian Second Brain

There are still the limits of max. 10 images per chat. And even with tuning the prompt, there might still be missed highlights. So it needs some QA and at the same time simplifies capturing book highlights a lot.

Will you try that too?

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