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Be in the journey: A inspiring lesson learned from Christine D’Ercole
(The most profound wisdom often comes from the journey, not the destination)

During a recent cycling session, Christine D’Ercole shared a great story of “Being in the Journey.” This concept, also encapsulated by the German saying “Der Weg ist das Ziel” - The Journey is the Destination - resonated deeply within me, shedding light on the real value of our actions and progress.

The journey, I realized, is not just about the destination, but the constant evolution and insights gained along the way.

For example consider my daily routine of writing LinkedIn posts. Each post isn’t just a task completed; it’s a step in my journey towards better understanding leadership and the 12 significant topics I’m exploring. Every thought expressed, every connection made between topics, sparks creativity and fuels my exploration.

A striking example is my discovery of Smart Connections AI in Obsidian, my Second Brain system. This tool has become a significant milestone in my journey, enabling me to leverage my knowledge and express my thoughts more effectively. And being in the journey of writing about my experience with leadership let to the discovery of Smart Connections. (more details: https://lnkd.in/ePVx9dDP )

Being in the journey means more than just capturing, organizing, and distilling new knowledge. It’s about transforming passive knowledge into active wisdom, constantly learning and growing from each experience.

Values from embracing the journey:
✪ It provides motivation and satisfaction from intermediate results.
✪ It opens up our senses to new inputs and ideas, driving us to reach the next step. I love these moments when I’m hungry to explore on a topic.
✪ It allows us to see our progress, identify new paths to explore, and adjust our direction as needed.
✪ It creates a sense of accomplishment, motivating us to take the next small step towards our larger goal.

And how can you immerse yourself more in your journey?
✪ Regularly take a step back and reflect on your progress.
✪ Visualize your journey, noting the insights gained, wins achieved, and lessons learned.
✪ Connect to your emotions and journal about your experiences. Deep dive into moments that strike a chord.
✪ Celebrate your progress, however big or small.

Being ‘in the journey’ is not just a mindset, but a transformative experience.

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Content preparation

In one of my recent cycling sessions Cristine D’ercole provided another great emotional moment when she told her story of Being in the journey. I felt it deepply connection and I was able to process why during the session. Similar sentences like - Der Weg ist da Ziel - made me think in past too. And I i understand the background much better today. There is a huge value in taking action and progressing through a topic. And I learned that observing the way and capturing all the new insights, new practices and artifacts is of immense value. Let’s consider the example of writing daily LinkedIn posts. I’m actively thinking about experiences and topics that connect with leadership and with my 12 big topics I want to grow into. This thinking creates connection between topics, fosters creativity and keeps me exploring. For instance my discovery of Smart Connections AI in my Second Brain system I’m growing in Obsidian was mainly driven by need to leverage my externalized knowledge better to express my thoughts. A result of being in the journey. In addition I got much more into the express aspect of working with my knowledge. Before I focussed a lot on how to best capture, organize and distill new knowledge. Being the journey of daily expressing my thoughts elevates this passive knowledge to actively used knowledge.

Effects off observing and visualizing of being in the journey:

  • I value progress and get motivation from intermediate results
  • I’m driven by reaching small next steps that create progress. I learn so much more and all my senses are open to receiving new input that I can leverage to feed the next step
  • I can see my progress and find further paths to explore next
  • I see what is working and what is not working and can adapt my direction
  • I creates a sense of accomplishment and motivates for the next small step. And this is especially important on a longer running path to reach a bigger goal.

So how can you be more in the journey?

  • regularly take a step back and do a meta reflection on your progress
  • visualize the journey with all the insights gaining, small wins created, mistakes and opportunities derives from it, statistics gathered
  • connect to emotions and for instance start to journal about your impressions along the way. Deep dive to explore moments.
  • celebrate the progress and especially when you push the boundaries even a small bit

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