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Focus is Key for Learning

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My Struggle with Distractions and How I Overcame It
(Unlock the Power of Deep Focus)

Let me switch on my learning music! 🎵
I open another browser tab and notice an interesting topic I still have open. Let me take a quick look. Ah, great—an article I recently opened but haven’t read yet. I’ll just scan through it quickly. Great information here! Zooming in now…

20‼️ minutes later,
I snap back to reality.
I let my attention wander.
I engaged with distractions 😫

Do you know that feeling?

For efficient learning, FOCUS is key!

Ready to master deep focus?
Here’s a method that works for me:

🔹 Prepare Your Space: Gather all materials you might need.
🔹 Cut Distractions: Remove anything that could pull your attention away.
⏳ Set a Timer: Commit to working without distractions for 30 minutes.
🔹 Extend If You Can: Add another 15 to 60 minutes if you feel like it.
(Chances are, you will!)
☕️ Take a Break: After 90 minutes, take a focused break for 10-15 minutes.
🔁 Repeat: Keep this cycle going.

One more tip. Remember my learning music distraction? I now made my learning music easily accessible. With a shortcut key to switch it on instantly, creating the perfect environment for deep focus. 🎶

Let me know how this works for you!
What’s one tip you use to better focus?

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Content preparation

Let me switch on my learning music! I switch to another browser tab and I notice an interesting topic that I still have open. Let me have a look. Ah, great this an article I recently opened and did not yet read. Let me scan through that fast. Great information in it. Zooming in now…

20 minutes later, I realise that I let my attention wander. I engaged with distractions.

Do you know that too?

But for efficient learning FOCUS is key!

Are you up to try this next time to deep focus:

  • Prepare your learning space with all material you might need
  • Remove anything that might distract you
  • Set a timer and commit to working without distractions for 30 minutes. You can do that, right?
  • After that, add another 15 to 60 minutes. If you feel like it. And very likely you will!
  • After these 90 minutes. Take a focussed break for 10-15 minutes.
  • Repeat

Let me know how that worked for you? What is one tip to better focus?

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