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Notes from Mindful Productivity for Remote Workers

How to stay connected?

  • make connection and explicit objective for meetings. Include an element of connection in a meeting e.g. a check in, a get to know each other exercise
  • remember you can say/write just a hi
    • How’s your week/etc going?
  • async more, to sync less (but better) - save meeting time for when you really need it
  • make the most of not having a commute … plan that time actively
  • take meaningful breaks
    • catch up in a walk
    • drink a tea/coffee away from your computer
    • meet someone face-2-face

Embrace flexibility

  • where you work (home, coworking space, office)
  • when you work (linear vs. non-linear)
    • linear 9..6
  • when getting together - focus on building relationsships
  • What would you like to do with your saved commute time?
  • Can you work in different places and at different times .. that suit your energy, mood and what you need to do?
  • What would you like to do during the day that you couldn’t do usually?

Planning for focus

Notes on the facilitation

Check-in: Name, what you do, Where/When do you feel most mindfully productive


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