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Post at LinkedIn Unlocking Self-Management: A 10-Point Formula from Agile Entrepreneurship

While reading 📖 Agile Entrepreneurship by Boris Gloger,
I stumbled upon his inspiring 10-point formula for self-management:

🔹 Start
📌 Focus and get things done
🏋️ Work out
🧘 Meditate
🚿 Shower cold ❄️
📈 Get more done every day
🌟 Learn more 📚 (yes! adding - Learn Smarter)
🪞 Reflect
😴 Sleep
🔁 Repeat

I’m committed to all but two of these steps!

Now, it’s time to conquer the cold shower.
Who’s already doing this? Any tips to break through the inner resistance?

Reconnecting with meditation is also on my list.
I already incorporate some mindfulness on my Peloton.

Now I’m looking to add a dedicated sitting meditation session.
When’s the best time for this? How have you integrated it into your daily routine?

As a solo entrepreneur, mastering self-management is crucial.
Every tip counts!

What’s your experience with self-management?
Let’s connect and share strategies.

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While reading Agile Entrepreneurship by Boris Gloger I stumbled upon his formula for self management.

→ Start 📌 Focus and get shit done 🏋️ Work out 🧘 Meditate 🚿 Shower cold ❄️ 📈 Get more done every day 🌟 Learn more 📚 🪞 Reflect 😴 Sleep 🔁 Repeat

I’m on it with all but 2!

And I guess now it is time to face theWho does that already? Tips to break the inner resistance?

And great hunch to reconnect to Meditation. I guess I’m doing it partially while being on my Peloton, but will integrate a sitting version too. Any hints when to that best? At what point in your day did you integrate it?

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