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I have my mind framed with growth loops and constant feedback.

I use the PARI system, a mindful productivity practice that applies mindframing and combines working with a Growth Mindset, Metacognition and Self-Authorship.

Applied to my daily push up routine:

  • with my PACT being committed to invest in my core physical strength every day
  • my ACT to have time blocked every morning to exercise, covered with my mental model of tiny steps, pushing for what is possible that day, stretching it with Goggins in mind
  • my REACT to capture daily progress and learn about plateaus, reaching new levels and looking at the development long term and accepting fluctuations in daily form
  • my IMPACT to connect my core strength to longevity, to have this strength exercise embedded on my bigger physical and mental health fitness program.

With PARI I care about winning repeatedly and building my core strength to pave my path to longevity.

Posted on LINKEDIN on 2024-03-17_Sun


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