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How I turned skepticism into podcast addiction

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How I turned skepticism into podcast addiction.
(How 60 minutes changed my perception )

I stubbornly resisted podcasts… until one episode changed my mind. I brushed them off as fluff. Then, Andrew Huberman and David Goggins hit me with a masterclass on inner strength. It was way more than an interview.

Here’s why I’m hooked:
✪ Unfiltered dialogue and emotion. They’re raw, real, and resonate with me on a personal level.
✪ Early access to knowledge, often shared before hitting the pages of articles or books.

✪ Effortless learning, allowing for immediate connection and understanding.
✪ The power of the human voice. Hearing a voice, seeing emotions—it engages my senses, creating a deeper bond and with that a higher understanding.

✪ Video podcasts elevate the experience. The visual element is key for me to fully capture the emotional spectrum.
✪ The bar for quality content is sky-high. These podcasts aren’t just talks; they’re lessons in storytelling, interviewing, and technical finesse.
✪ Leveraging tech enhances my podcast experience. Speed listening and summarizing tools help me digest and retain the gold nuggets of wisdom.

I’m diving headfirst into podcasts, and I’m hungry for more. 🌌🎧

What’s a must-listen episode in your book? Please let me know in the comments!

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Content preparation

For a long time I did not work with PodCasts. I perceived it as too much talking to less insights. And I was wrong! The change came for me when I was watching a PodCast episode by Andrew Huberman and his interview with David Goggins on How to build Immense Inner Strength. The shared insights, the flow of the conversation and the genius perceived from both was deeply touching me. That was my moment of discovery. So far, my drive for efficiency blurred my mind.

Now I discovered:

  • There is high value in the dialog and emotions expressed. It is direct, it is spontaneous, it is less filtered.
  • There is a vast amount of knowledge transported. As fresh knowledge that might be expressed just months to years later via articles or books.
  • Or via deep reflections, that are otherwise deeply hidden in books, that take much longer to grasp.
  • It touches me. More than e.g. written content. The connection with voices running through my body. Seeing expressed emotions. It just connects to more senses.
  • It is especially the combination of Podcast with interviews and done with a video version. I need the picture to grasp the emotions.
  • The quality bar is high is inspiring. These podcasts show a great interview style, sound and video quality, where I can also learn on Meta Level about story telling, interview techniques, technical setup and approaches to connect marketing
  • I can work with support of technology to further process Podcast insights. Like listening with higher speed and getting a distilled version afterwards.

So I’m now on my journey to explore the PodCast world. And I would love to get your recommendations. What is your favorite podcast episode that I should listen to next? Please share in the comments.

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