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Obsidian Plugins I’m using

Plugin Description Author Url Comment
Auto Note Mover Auto Note Mover will automatically move the active notes to their respective folders according to the rules. https://github.com/farux/ rarely used
Better Word Count Counts the words of selected text in the editor. https://lukeleppan.com rarely used
Buttons Create Buttons in your Obsidian notes to run commands, open links, and insert templates https://shbgm.ca rarely used
Calendar Calendar view of your daily notes https://github.com/liamcain/ partially used
Editor Syntax Highlight Show syntax highlighing in code blocks the editor https://github.com/deathau rarely used
Typewriter Scroll Typewriter-style scrolling which keeps the view centered in the editor. https://github.com/deathau often used
Cycle through Panes Cycle through your open Panes with ctrl + Tab, just like with Tabs in your Browser!, ctrl+shift+Tab for Reverse https://github.com/phibr0 rarely used
Dataview Complex data views for the data-obsessed. https://github.com/blacksmithgu when needed highly useful
Editor Commands Remap Map hotkeys to editor commands. https://github.com/c4ctus5 when needed highly useful
Emoji Shortcodes This Plugin enables the use of Markdown Emoji Shortcodes https://github.com/phibr0 when needed highly useful
ExcaliBrain A clean, intuitive and editable graph view for Obsidian https://zsolt.blog when needed highly useful
Extract Highlights Create, extract and leverage your markdown highlights https://publish.obsidian.md/alexisrondeau rarely used
Extract url content Extract url converting content into markdown https://github.com/trashhalo rarely used
Find orphaned files and broken links Find files that are not linked anywhere and would otherwise be lost in your vault. In other words: files with no backlinks. https://github.com/Vinzent03 rarely used
Folder Note Click a folder node to show a note describing the folder. https://github.com/xpgo/obsidian-folder-note rarely used
Matter The official Matter <> Obsidian plugin https://hq.getmatter.app often used
Maximise Active Pane Simply fills the workspace with the active pane often used
Natural Language Dates Create date-links based on natural language https://argentinaos.com/ used for my daily journal
Note Refactor Extract note content into new notes and split notes rarely used
Admonition Enhanced callouts for Obsidian.md often used
Advanced Slides Create markdown-based presentations in Obsidian https://github.com/MSzturc when needed highly useful
Annotator This is a sample plugin for Obsidian. It allows you to open and annotate PDF and EPUB files. https://obsidian.md/about rarely used
Book Search Helps you find books and create notes. https://github.com/anpigon often used
Dice Roller Inline dice rolling for Obsidian.md used for random note injection in daily notes
Dictionary This is a simple dictionary for the Obsidian Note-Taking Tool. https://github.com/phibr0 rarely used
Dynamic Table of Contents An Obsidian plugin to generate Tables of Contents that stay up to date with your document outline. rarely used
Emoji Toolbar Quickly search for and insert emojis into your notes. https://github.com/oliveryh/obsidian-emoji-toolbar rarely used
Excalidraw An Obsidian plugin to edit and view Excalidraw drawings https://zsolt.blog when needed highly useful
Focus Mode Add Focus Mode to Obsidian. https://github.com/ryanpcmcquen often used
Icon Folder This plugin allows to add an emoji or an icon to a folder or file. https://florianwoelki.com/ often used
Kanban Create markdown-backed Kanban boards in Obsidian. https://github.com/mgmeyers/obsidian-kanban often used
Kindle Highlights Sync your Kindle book highlights using your Amazon login or uploading your My Clippings file https://hady.geek.nz often used
Linter Enforces consistent markdown styling. https://github.com/platers often used
Mind Map A plugin to preview notes as Markmap mind maps rarely used
Page Count Add the current note’s page length to Obsidian’s status bar. rarely used
Reading Time Add the current note’s reading time to Obsidian’s status bar. https://github.com/avr rarely used
Spaced Repetition Fight the forgetting curve by reviewing flashcards & entire notes. https://github.com/st3v3nmw rarely used
Tasks Task management for Obsidian https://github.com/obsidian-tasks-group when needed highly useful
Vault Statistics Status bar item with vault statistics such as number of notes, files, attachments, and links. rarely used
Ozan’s Image in Editor Plugin View Images, Transclusions, iFrames and PDF Files within the Editor without a necessity to switch to Preview. https://ozan.pl/aboutme/ rarely used
Periodic Notes Create/manage your daily, weekly, and monthly notes https://github.com/liamcain/ often used
Recent Files List files by most recently opened https://grosinger.net often used
Simple Embeds Replaces links, like Twitter and YouTube, with embeds when previewing a file. https://github.com/samwarnick rarely used
Sliding Panes (Andy’s Mode) Sliding Panes! Based on the style of Andy Matuschak’s Notes https://github.com/deathau often used
Advanced Tables Improved table navigation, formatting, manipulation, and formulas https://grosinger.net rarely used
Tag Navigator Cross-reference navigation through your tags https://alexanderobenauer.com rarely used
Tag Wrangler Rename, merge, toggle, and search tags from the tag pane often used
Templater Create and use templates https://github.com/SilentVoid13 often used
Zoottelkeeper Plugin This plugin automatically creates, maintains and tags MOCs for all your folders. https://github.com/akosbalasko https://github.com/michabrugger often used
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