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Getting an overview about mentoring


Why to mentor

  • Rewarding and Empowering
  • Grow and Learn
  • Challenge yourself
  • Improve interpersonal skills
  • Wider understanding of industries, organisations and departements

Introduction meeting

To set expectations. Recommendation for 1h timeframe.

  • How often to meet
  • What is my experience the mentee can pick up
  • How can I help
  • What is the mentee seeking - Key and big goals the mentee might have

Tips for effective mentoring

  • Treat each mentoring relationship in a unique way tailored to the mentee
  • Share experience but do not dictate actions
  • And also don’t take control of their action or them. Instead help the mentee to navigate their own challenges.
  • Be an active listener
  • Raise concerns and provide clear boundaries for areas I can support as mentor and what is outside of that boundary

My role as a mentor

  • Offer advice and support, playing off your existing experience and skills.
  • Make it clear to the mentee if I don’t have experience in the area the mentee is looking for help
  • Be respectful and maintain confidentiality.
  • Support the mentees best way for development (and not insist on my how I have done something in the past)

Red flags - What to watch out for

  • I’m not a counsellor or manager. So raise when a conversations shifts too far in that direction.
  • Manage realistic expectations
  • When engagement is draining, check for either changing frequency or bringing the mentoring to an end

How to end

  • Align on endurance in the beginning
  • Make the call when you think that it is time to end the mentoring meetings

In a final session:

  • Check in of goals & objectives
  • Reflect on developments
  • Request for feedback

Reflection and Takeways

Reflect on:

  • improved interpersonal skills
  • improved understanding of different roles
  • and how I might transfer that to other industries and situations
  • learn from face challenges and conflicts
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