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Power Poses

Confidence building Power Poses generate with ChatGPT & Dalle 3. Based on TED Talk about body language

Victory Pose

The Victory Pose: A jubilant woman showcases the ‘Victory’ pose. She stands on a flat surface with her feet together. Both arms are raised high above her head forming a V. Her fingers are spread out, emphasizing triumph. Her head is slightly tilted back and she looks upwards, as if soaking in applause. Her facial expression is pure joy, and she wears a broad, radiant smile.

Wonder Women

The Wonder Woman: A confident woman demonstrates the ‘Wonder Woman’ power pose. She stands upright with her legs spaced hip-width apart. Her hands are firmly placed on her hips, emphasizing her waist. Her chest is slightly pushed out, showcasing her assertiveness. Her head is raised and her gaze is straightforward, radiating confidence and strength.

Table Anchoring - Authoritäre Sitzhaltung

The Table Anchoring: A woman in a professional environment displays the ‘Table Anchoring’ pose. She sits at a polished wooden table, her arms spread wide, signifying her claim to space. Her elbows rest on the table and her fingers are spread out, emphasizing control. She leans slightly forward as if interacting with an invisible counterpart across the table. Her posture exudes authority and her face shows a determined expression.

Relaxed Leader - Lässige Autorität

The Relaxed Leader: A woman in a relaxed yet authoritative pose, referred to as the ‘Relaxed Leader’. She sits comfortably in a cushioned chair in a casual setting, perhaps in a cafe or lounge. One arm is casually draped over the backrest of an adjacent chair, symbolizing ease and control. Her legs are crossed at the ankles and she leans back, exuding relaxed authority. Her facial expression is calm, and she looks forward, attentive yet relaxed.

Strong Stance - Selbstbewusstes Stehen

The Strong Stance: A woman in a strong stance. She stands straight with her feet firmly on the ground. Her hands are relaxed by her sides and her gaze is straightforward. Her shoulders are pulled back and her head is raised, showcasing confidence and strength.

Bridge Builder - Verbindung herstellen

The Bridge Builder: A woman in the ‘Bridge Builder’ pose. She stands upright and extends one hand out, ready to give someone a firm handshake. Her gaze is direct and she maintains eye contact, symbolizing connection and trust.

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