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Transform Your Week with 2-Minute Power Poses! 💪🔥
(you might need some extra space around you)

Monday is here, bringing a fresh start and a powerful week ahead! 💼✨ But, did you know the secret to a successful week might just lie in your body language?

We might overlook the power of non-verbals. Our body language isn’t just a silent communicator to others, but it also influences our own minds. 🧠✨

✪ Small changes in our body language lead to monumental shifts in our perception and confidence. This isn’t just hearsay, there’s some interesting science behind it to ponder! 🧪🔬

✪ Merely practicing a “power pose” for 2 minutes can significantly boost our confidence levels. This simple act alters our hormone levels, increasing the dominance hormone, testosterone, and decreasing the stress hormone, cortisol. 👀🚀

✪ It doesn’t just make us feel more confident, it makes us more optimistic, increases our risk tolerance, and empowers us. 💥💡

Imagine walking into your next job interview, pitch, or presentation with this newfound confidence and power. Imagine being perceived as more authentic, comfortable, captivating, passionate, and enthusiastic. 🌟

⚡💡 Our bodies change our minds, our minds change our behavior, and our behavior changes our outcomes.💡⚡

💭 What could these 2-minute power poses mean for your week, your work, your life?

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What small change made a big difference in your life? Share in the comments below! 🗣️💬

For more on the science of body language, check out the TED Talk linked in the comments.

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Content preparation

  • Background: It is Monday - so let’s start strong in our week
  • for our body language small changes make a big difference and it is the first thing others notice and it affects how others treat you
  • core message: tiny tweaks can lead to big changes
  • we are influenced by our non verbals
  • Our bodies change our minds
  • practicing for 2 minutes can change own confidence level
  • leads to higher level of testosterone - dominance hormone - and lower levels of cortisol - the stress hormone - that in combination boosts confidence
  • power leaders have high testosterone and low cortisol
  • before a job interview, before a pitch, before an important presentation
  • more confident, more optimistic, higher risk tolerance, more power
  • get to your presence - more confident, authentic, comfortable, captivating, passionate and enthusiastic
  • our bodies change our minds … our minds change our behavior … our behavior changes out outcomes
  • mention TED Talk about body language in the comments

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