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People dont care how much you know

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While learning about “Lightbulb 1: What is one problem or challenge your customer is facing?” I got hooked by the quote:

People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care

Maybe that is a missing link and can explain, why it is often difficult for me to come across with my topics. Through my journey I learned a lot and can build on a rich fundament of knowledge. But I often face resistance when I want to provide that knowledge. At first I thought that it is just because people are busy and don’t have the mental space to learn and think deeper. Sometimes I also felt, that people might be scared from a knowledge gap. As comparison to others is a problematic topic, I can imagine that working together with someone with more knowledge in a topic could lead to that comparison. And I might be blinded on that topic, especially because I love that intellectual challenge and working with someone with much higher knowledge on a topic helps me to enlarge perspectives and learn from that too. I got rid of that problematic comparison and converted that into an opportunity for growth.

A key learning — trying to impress with the wealth of knowledge first is scaring people off, or just annoys. “People don’t care how much you know”.

So based on the quote, I think that I need to show much more, how much I’m interested in my peer and their challenge. And I might need to hold back my urge to offer a my knowledge and my solutions. To build the connection I need to show how much I care - about the person and about the topic/problem/challenge that person is facing. I need to cover first: I GET YOU.

I can explore the symptoms that are expressed. I can look at ripple effects. And I can build empathy with “It must be hard …”. It is about active listening, emotional awareness and applying my emotional intelligence. And it is about adjusting the language levels - What terms does my peer use? How can I communicate in that system and express my thoughts in a way that it becomes digestable and connects.

And interesting challenge. What is your experience with building connection? What do you associate with: People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care?

Posted on LINKEDIN on 2024-03-13_Wed


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