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Notes from How to Win your Week

Weekly review

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Time and task audit

  • Show me someones calendar and I’ll show you their values
  • conduct occasional time audit
  • review aged tasks
  • whats get measured gets managed
  • why reviewing aged task is important
    • quick capture trade-off (GTD bankruptcy)
    • 3 months old - will you really do it

Reflection - Cultivating self-awareness

Ask your alignment questions:

  • What’s the pebble in my shoe?
  • Am I living the life I choose for myself? Does how I spend my time align with what I value?
  • Did I love well?
  • Am I utilizing my strengths?
  • How can I foster curiosity and compassion?
  • What if it were easy?
  • What am I avoiding?

Vision setting - Am I headed in the right direction

How to eliminate $100 Work:

  • Are my domains and $10K questions still the right ones?
  • Answer your North Star questions
  • Future-casting over different intervals (1, 3, 5 years)
  • Frequency: Quarterly

Planning & Prioritization - Your Anchor

  • The GTD-style Review
  • Indispensable and holds the system together
  • Enables lack of due dates
  • Sets your DO dates
  • Tend to Domains (and ImportantNot Urgent)
  • Frequency: WEEKLY (without fail), 25 minutes max

Small checklist - Do the review under 25’

  1. Assign 5 units of $10K work or “Thinking Time” using do dates
  2. Repeat the process for $1,000 work
  3. Review aged tasks and waiting on
  4. Set next actions
  5. If you could only work 2 hours each day, what would you do?


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