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60 useful performance review phrases


SBI Feedback Model

(SBI) feedback model, which aims to focus on facts and less on subjective assessments.


Describe the situation. Be specific about when and where it occurred.


Describe the observable behavior.


Explain how the action has affected others.

If you have strong data points to share

  • I attended five events and, as a result, exceeded my sales quota by 10% this quarter.

To acknowledge areas of improvement

  • I recognize that I could improve in [area of improvement]. I plan to do so by [action]

Demonstrating initiative through being consistently solution-focused.

  • I recognize that I could improve the way I run meetings, which I plan to do by coming up with more focused agendas.
  • I’m going to stop doing [action] because I know it results
  • I’m going to stop calling out people for mistakes in meetings because I know it can be embarrassing and isn’t the appropriate way to handle the situation.

Give feedback in the following format: Stop/Start/Keep Doing

  • You excel at [action], and I would love to continue seeing that from you.
  • You excel at creating thoughtful marketing decks. I would love to have you continue taking the lead on them, especially since I know you enjoy the creative process.
  • I encourage you to keep doing [action]. I’ve received positive feedback that this has really helped the team [result].
  • incorporate feedback from a third party (e.g.,
  • I encourage you to keep being a sounding board for your teammates. Many of your team members say you’re a great listener, and they feel comfortable sharing ideas with you.
  • My feedback is for you to stop [action] because it results in [consequence].
  • My feedback is that you stop sending urgent emails late at night. You’re creating stress for the other team members outside of working hours, and it’s not a healthy habit.
  • I encourage you to start [action] because it will help you [intended result].
  • I encourage you to set an alarm a few minutes before a meeting starts so you come on time.
  • When you did [action], it really helped me [result].
  • I really appreciate it when you [behavior], such as when you [example].
  • I think you could improve on [action] because [reason].
  • I think you could improve the way you share updates with the rest of the team. Sometimes, people get left out of the loop so not everyone is on the same page.
  • I would love to see you do more [action] because [reason].
  • I would love to see you take more ownership of your mistakes. Everyone makes them, but it makes the resolution a lot smoother if there’s no finger-pointing.


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