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$10K Training Lesson 14 Closing Thoughts & What’s next



Week 1 - Turn each day into a great day

  • three biases that work against us and how we can use the $10K Framework to fight them [[[$10K Training Lesson 2] How to waste your day- 3 behavorial mistakes to avoid 1]]
  • A hard look at our To-Do list revealed some common misconceptions [[You’re -due–ing it wrong 1]]
  • we’ll never be really “done” [[The elusive pursuit of getting it (all) done 1]]

Week 2 - how to get (and keep) going.

  • shift from merely managing our time to managing our energy [[How to design the perfect day 1]]
  • Goals (and how to make them work) in [[How to set goals (that actually work) 1]] and habits in [[[$10K Training Lesson 7] The ultimate $10K task hiding in plain sight 1]]

Week 3 - Turned to Introspection

  • $10K Work in our relationships in the longest [[How to detect the silent relationship killer before its too late 1]]
  • a new iPad won’t solve all our problems [[[$10K Training Lesson 9] No, a new iPad won’t change your life 1]]
  • get more comfortable with saying no [[How to stop saying yes when you want to say no 1]]

Week 4 to gain some first insights on the all-encompassing question: what’s the right thing to do?

  • $10K Trio of Becoming Indispensable in [[Becoming indispensable- a pandemic power move 1]]
  • the magic of Leverage in [[[$10K Training Lesson 12] Using leverage to grow your career (while you sleep) 1]]
  • portfolio theory in [[[$10K Training Lesson 13] A portfolio approach to $10K Work 1]]
  • flagship course Supercharge Your Productivity.
  • the cheat codes, tools, and mindsets that enable you to live life on your own terms.


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