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The 5 pillars of my writing process



  • Have a concrete use case in mind
  • Get precise on the final outcome you’re looking for.
  • Set aside 20 minutes and go through the material quickly to rediscover what’s truly in there.
  • Likely, you’ll be able to throw out 50% immediately.
  • Don’t try to digitize information preserving its exact form
  • Automate digitization
  • I’ve successfully used services such as iMemories to digitize old family videos.
  • treated each chapter as its own project
  • chapter had its own project folder,

five pillars of my writing process

  • Pre-existing blog posts
  • Outlines
  • Morning writing sessions
  • Writing retreats
  • Outsourcing my life

with Francis Miller’s Multi Level Summary approach for non-fiction books.

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