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How AI Has Become My Daily Superpower
(Explore 12 Use Cases That Significantly Enhance My Results)

Nearly a year ago, I formed a habit that has since supercharged my daily routine: integrating AI into my everyday tasks. It’s not just a tool; it’s my assistant, sparring partner, and coach.

Here’s a glimpse of how AI has become an indispensable part of my day:
✪ For non-native speakers like me, AI is a game-changer for translations and fine-tuning sentences. With a simple prompt, I can improve my English or get a German phrase translated and polished.

✪ Summarizing content is a breeze. Whether it’s a podcast, a video, or a long text, AI tools help me quickly grasp the essential points.

✪ Zoom’s evolving AI capabilities are like having a personal assistant for capturing the key points of my meetings.

✪ When designing group coaching sessions, AI assists me in creating role plays, sourcing inspiring quotes, and suggesting models to enrich the learning experience.

✪ I use AI to reverse engineer detailed session summaries from fully designed decks and to generate supporting visuals ranging from simple to complex.

✪ My LinkedIn posts receive a touch of AI magic, blending my initial drafts with smart enhancements for a polished finish.

✪ Coding has never been more accessible. With AI, I can whip up a Google script or a Python script to streamline my tasks in a matter of minutes.

✪ AI even helps curate my newsletter content, drawing from the latest insights in my Second Brain.

✪ Planning road trips? ChatGPT has become my go-to travel advisor.

✪ For transcriptions, ‘Just Press Record’ is my tool of choice, and for text extraction from images, Google Lens is ever-ready.

✪ Reflecting on my personal growth is more profound with the AI layer added to my Second Brain via Smart Connections in Obsidian.

✪ Data analysis is evolving with tools like Julius AI and Miro’s AI clustering, making insights more accessible.

Integrating AI into my daily life has been transformative. It’s not just about efficiency; it’s about discovering new connections, unleashing creativity, and focusing on what truly matters. The impact? Quicker, innovative outcomes, and an ever-growing motivation to excel.

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Content preparation

I can say than I formed a habit of using AI. By deeply integrating AI in my daily routines, for now nearly one year. It became my first thought when I need to tackle a task. I leverage AI as my assistent, as my sparring partner, and as my coach. These are several of my usages of AI:

  • For translations and fine tuning of sentences. I’m not a native English speaker, so it comes hand that I can just prompt: Please phrase in better English; Please translate: German phrasing and combined with phrase in better English as at the moment the first attempt of translation in ChatGPT is often not yet great.
  • For summarizing. When I have a podcast or video and need to get a fast overview, I use the transcript, run it through ChatGPT or Claude getting a summary. For long text, combined with ChatGPT Chunker.
  • For summarizing meetings using Zoom’s evolving AI capabilities
  • For developing a group coaching session.
    • I use AI (mainly with Langdock) to help with designing role plays
    • for helping me with finding great quotes from texts and deriving matching questions for reflections
    • for getting ideas on models and frameworks that I might use to foster application of knowledge; and then for finding approaches to use a model in a group exercise
    • for reverse engineering and creating a summary of a session from a fully designed session deck
    • for creating images that support exercises - here I use ChatGPT or Google Gemini for simple images and Midjourney for more complex versions
  • For fine tuning my daily LinkedIn posts.
    • Here I use a mix of providing my thoughts and writing a first draft myself and then using AI to bring that in shape
    • In addition I leverage my Second Brain by using the awesome Smart Connections (details: see several posts I recently wrote about it)
  • For generating code. I often need a google script to help me with some automation of tasks. Or a python script for processing data
  • For generating my newsletter based on recent additions for my Second Brain
  • For planning roadtrips, mainly with support from ChatGPT
  • For audio transcriptions, mainly with Just Press Record
  • For text extraction from screenshots. Google lens is read for that. And I’m currently exploring Gemini Advanced and wait for their deeper integrating with the Google tool stack
  • For reflecting on my learnings, on my behaviors and for finding new connections. Again with the AI layer on top of my Second Brain
  • For analyzing data - here I started with Julius AI, very promising. In addition I use Miro’s AI clustering, with smaller datasets

This list shows that AI already is deeply integrated with many of my daily activities. And it amplifies my capabilities. I can get rid of mundane tasks. I find new connections faster and level up my creativity. It is motivating as I can work on higher order activities. And I can get results much faster too.

I’ll link several posts that drill down on some of my concrete AI usages in the comments.

If you might need a helping hand to get it started, let me know. Happy to assist and share my learnings and approaches.

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