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Great talk about Agile and Musk Companies

Great talk on Agile … How would Elon Musk run your business: Source - full credits to AgeOfProduct and Joe Justice

  • drive to align the board
  • know your big goal (1000 year goal)
  • derive strong KPIs that really enable to see progress in direction of the big goal - crowdsource KPI ownership
  • establish digital self management - teams can see their contribution immediately, by themselfes (not waiting for someone in the middle to update). Enable smart and autonomous decisions, e.g. where to contribute best (so fluid orga and project contributions). … everyone gets the same data in real time (no information hierarchy)
    • group work based on the goal to drive a special part of the KPI
    • 1/2 of the 150k people work on driving automation! (so 75k people)
  • MOB around a topic - group work
  • profit means more money for research. No dividents to investors.
  • pace of the innovation is the only thing that matters in the long run
  • teams - self empowered and self organizing measured their own performance by the money they spent to improve the KPI

Main learnings

  • Digital Self Management and a super high level of automation … super fast feedback loops
  • people that work with high purpose in construction, being innovative … and an incredible work ethics

Productivity rules

  • Avoid large meetings. They waste valuable time and energy.
  • Leave a meeting if you’re not contributing
  • Forget the chain of command. Communicate with colleagues directly
  • Be clear, not clever
  • Ditch frequent meetings
  • Use common sense

Engineering rules

  • make your requirements less dumb
  • try very hard to delete a part or process
  • simplify or optimize
  • accelerate cycle time
  • automate


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