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Feedforward - A Future-Focused Twist on Feedback We often look back to improve, basing our changes on past actions. But what if we flipped the script, focusing on the future instead of the past? Welcome to the concept of Feedforward.

Consider this example: Instead of asking, “How do you perceive my leadership?” you’d ask, “I aim to devote more time to leadership tasks. How can I delegate my most frequent operational tasks within the next eight weeks?”

Here are 10 reasons why Feedforward can be an effective tool:
✹ Embrace Change: Feedforward encourages us to envision a positive future, rather than dwelling on an unchangeable past.
✹ Promote Positivity: Guiding someone towards being right is more effective than proving they were wrong.
✹ Tailored for Success: Successful individuals tend to prefer constructive ideas that help them achieve their goals.
✹ Universal Input: Anyone aware of the task can offer Feedforward, creating a diverse pool of improvement ideas.
✹ Less Personal: Feedforward focuses on future actions, which tend not to be taken as personally as feedback on past actions.
✹ Encourage Growth: Feedforward supports potential for future change, unlike feedback, which can reinforce past failures.
✹ Widely Accepted: People are generally more receptive to positive suggestions for the future than critiques of the past.
✹ Covers Key Points: Feedforward can address the same issues as feedback but in a constructive, forward-looking manner.
✹ Efficiency: Offering ideas for the future without debating the past saves time and maintains the focus on improvement.
✹ Collaborative Tool: Feedforward fosters a sense of partnership, avoiding the hierarchy implied in traditional feedback.

The shift from feedback to Feedforward can feel liberating and empowering. It’s a way to harness the potential we all have for growth, improvement, and positive change.

What are your thoughts on Feedforward? Have you tried using this approach? Share your experiences below.

For a deeper dive into Feedforward, check out this insightful essay by Marshall Goldsmith in the comments.

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