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Reflecting Through the Lens of Radical Candor

One of the tools I frequently turn to when reflecting on my feedback behavior is Kim Scott’s Radical Candor model. This framework, with its two dimensions of ‘care personally’ and ‘challenge directly’, creates a 2x2 matrix that helps me categorize and understand my feedback style. It illuminates the areas of ‘ruinous empathy’, ‘manipulative insincerity’, ‘obnoxious aggression’, and ‘radical candor’.

Through my recent posts, I’ve shared some personal feedback experiences, and through the lens of Radical Candor, I’ve been able to name and understand them better. Reflecting on the impact of these experiences and how I might handle them differently now has been a powerful exercise.

If you’re interested in using Radical Candor as a reflective tool, consider these questions:
 ⁕ Is there feedback you’re currently holding back? How does withholding it serve you or the other person? What might change if you approached it with Radical Candor?
 ⁕ Are you discussing someone else’s behavior with others? Could this be seen as gossip? What’s stopping you from addressing the person directly?
 ⁕ Can you recall a recent feedback situation where you didn’t care much about the other person? What led to this behavior?
 ⁕When did you last care personally and challenge directly with your feedback? How did it go? How did it feel?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Have you used the Radical Candor model? What are your experiences with it? If you haven’t used it, what are your initial impressions?

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