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Basb - Keynotes from Summit - 8 ways to self sabotage

basb = building a second brain

Why he thought about basb

  • organize thoughts and brain
  • need to be more organized and productive
  • frustration with the mess of my knowledge
  • get better in expressing my perspective
  • trying to get organized for years

8 ways for Self Sabotage

Starting from scratch

  • again and again and again
  • dopamin kick

Feeling guilty

  • nr 1 blocker for not changing behavior is shame
  • vs. feeling curios (mutually exclusive to feeling guilty)
  • go easy on yourself

Insisting on perfection

  • safety, control
  • don’t have to try as it is not yet safety
  • avoid critics
  • vs. embrace play; try failing in public

Doing ALL the research first

  • if you use it as excuse for postponing
  • vs. 2nd brain to organize you to take action
  • vs. creating an MVP
  • limit research by defining what you need to know to take the next step
  • timebox research and the take action

Going big

  • … what is the moonshot
  • … what is the most ambitious goal
  • vs. thinking small and taking small actionable steps; intermediate packets

Doing it completely by yourself

  • chasing for RESPECT
  • or showing you that it is a bad idea
  • avoiding rejections
  • vs. getting more perspectives (at least a 10x becomes possible) and using the strengths of others and learning faster

Comparing yourself to others

  • an excuse to not try or even start
  • vs. compare yourself to past you

Postponing gratification

  • to be sustainable it needs to have pleasure
  • vs. How can I enjoy this 10% more? – Find a way to it…
  • vs. Giving yourself a reward; appreciation and gratitude

Self commitment

Create a commitment for yourself for the next event/session/… about something you change.


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