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The difference between habits, routines and rituals



  • “habit” and “routine” interchangeably, they both mean two distinct things.
  • main difference between habits and routines is how much aware and intentional you are.
  • A habit usually manifests itself as an automatic urge to do something, often triggered by a particular cue.
  • The stronger the connection between the trigger and the habit, the more ingrained the habit.
  • routines require deliberate practice.
  • going for a hike every Sunday, meditating are all routines that require to keep on consciously practicing them or they eventually die out.
  • conscious thought, whereas routines require a higher degree of intention and effort.
  • routines can turn into habits, but it is not an automatic, unconscious process.
  • original The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.
  • Reward: do something enjoyable, which will tell your brain that this particular habit loop is worth remembering for the future.
  • make it slightly easier to go from cue to routine and build a lasting habit loop.
  • habit stacking:
  • baby steps by anchoring a new tiny habit to an existing one.
  • From routine to ritual
  • The difference between a routine and a ritual is the attitude behind the action.
  • shower—rituals are viewed as more meaningful practices which have a real sense of purpose.
  • With rituals, you are fully engaged with a focus on the experience of the task, rather than its mere completion.
  • Applying mindfulness to daily routines is a great way to create rituals for yourself.
  • One of my favourite rituals is journaling. It’s one of the cornerstones of my mental gym.
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