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  • I design our group coaching session for leaders and today want to share core aspects and important learnings when building great learning experiences
  • Our main goal is that Leaders apply knowledge. We reach that with highly engaging and interactive live group coaching sessions where attendees learn and apply, combined with a focussed and short preparation and a strong commitment to take action within 2 weeks.
  • For preparation we select best fitting Key Insights from our huge Blinkist Library and request participants to read or listen. This takes about 15-30’ and provides a knowledge teaser and builds appetite.
  • I design the 90’ live group coaching sessions with a structured and engaging flow. It is a combination of bit size knowledge transfer, self reflection, group discussion and small group exercises. Often role plays create main insights and build momentum in sessions.
  • For me it is crucial that all elements connect to the topic of a learning pathway and that elements support participants in their application of what is learned
  • Our Coaches (sometimes I’m too) provide a strong group coaching combined with master facilitation. I’m grateful to work with so experienced coaches and seeing each session creating impact makes me proud too
  • I often refer to the I do, We do, You do approach, where participants build on a short knowledge input, followed by the coach showing by example, the group exercises and then each participant practices.
  • Intention is on high engagement, fun and also a nudge to leave the comfort zone and bring in emotions and passion. These are live sessions, with up to 10 participants and a strong commitment to up their leadership skills.
  • In addition I’m always looking for additional deep dive material to also provide further input for super hungry learners. Combined with strong actions participants take from each session with the duty to apply right away until the next session, this creates impact
  • We also learned that capturing feedback on session immediately is key. With a feedback rate of about 90% for session, we can learn and further improve sessions continuously.
  • If you want to know more about Coaching by Blinkist and/or about my approach to design live cohort based learning sessions, let me know in the comment or reach out to me directly

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