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🌀 Unlocking the Power of Curiosity: A Journey Through the Curiosity Matrix
(a next masterpiece by Anne-Laure Le Cunff, NessLabs community)

Excited to share a gem I discovered through Anne-Laure Le Cunff’s insightful article! 🌱 I just explored the Curiosity Matrix and found it to be a remarkably useful tool in understanding my curiosity habits. Highly recommend checking it out (link in comments).

Here’s what I’ve learned:

🌀 Very high Liminal Creativity - The thrill of the unknown calls to me, and I can’t help but fall for the mysteries waiting to be unraveled.

❓ Very high Questioning - Curating my ultimate list of questions has become a cornerstone of my coaching conversations.

🧭 Very high Continuous Exploring - My list of 12 favorite problems is my compass, guiding me through diverse explorations, though sometimes I wander a bit too far.

🌱 Developed Public Learning - Sharing my insights openly in my Digital Garden and daily on LinkedIn has taken me far, but I know there’s more room for structure to enhance user experience.

🔄 Developed Challenging the Default - I’ve improved at experimenting and questioning norms, and there’s still more I can do to refine my experimental methods.

👂💖 High level of Compassionate Listening - Striving for deep empathy, I’ve nurtured the habit of Active Listening over the years, recognizing there’s still growth to be had, especially in holding back my eager thoughts.

🤲 Developed Self Compassion - Delving into metacognition has been transformative, and there’s a path ahead to fine-tune my interoception to better understand and respond to my body’s signals.

🌪️ Very high Adaptability - I greet change with a curious heart, living by the mantra: “The world keeps turning. Change is a constant.”

This reflection has shown me that fostering curiosity is not just possible; it’s transformative. These dimensions of curiosity have grown significantly in recent years, often propelled by pivotal life moments.

By nurturing these habits of a curious mind, I’ve found better health, more systematic learning, and richer relationships. I highly recommend investing in your curiosity. 🌱

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Thanks to Anne Le Caunff for providing the next great tool for self reflection (find the link to her great article in the comments). I just used the Curiosity Matrix for self reflection on my curiosity habits.

  • very high Liminal Creativity - I love exploring that gap between what I know and don’t know and I can fall in love with problems to explore
  • very high Questioning - Maintaining my favorite list of questions and leveraging questions in conversations is a strength that grow since becoming a Coach
  • very high Continuous Exploring - I maintain my list of my 12 favorite problems and explore the world in many directions. And I explore a lot but can also get trapped in my urge to explore
  • developed Public Learning - with sharing my thoughts with everyone in my Digital Garden and daily sharing thoughts at LinkedIn I already reached a good level. At the same time I can invest in more structure to provide a better usability
  • developed Challenging the default - I became better in working with experimentation and challenging the default although I can further improve in my methodology to run experiments
  • high level of Compassionate Listening - I want understand my peers and aim for high empathy. Active Listening is one practice I cultivated over many years. At the same time, there is space to grow as I also tend to interrupt when my thoughts want to get out.
  • developed Self Compassion - I practice more and more metacognition - thinking about my thinking and I can further improve my interoception to sense what is happening inside my body and act accordingly
  • very high adaptability - I welcome change with curiosity and my Mantra is - The world keeps turning. Change is a constant.

With that reflection I can also share that nurturing curiosity is highly possible. Many of these curiosity dimensions grew in the recent years. And mainly caused by pivotal moments in my life. Through forming these 9 habits of curios minds I became healthier, it helps me to learn more systematically and it fosters great relationships. So I can highly recommend in forming your curiosity.

What might be interesting for you to explore next?

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