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Workshop Staying Motivated Amid Uncertainty

  • Escape the short term thinking and escape into the future
  • we mainly think in the ultrashort future
  • we spent a lot thinking about the next some hours - but we don’t spent much time thinking about the future
  • our goals are too fuzzy, we can’t see it really
  • often we spent far too much time working on the obstacle, without having the goals really clear
  • our brain treats us in the future as strangers - and thats why we care less about our future self
  • psychological allergy to uncertainty

Certainty mindset

  • predictability
  • ultra-short term
  • efficient
  • avoids overwhelm
  • can respond effectively to threats
  • results in psychological allergy to uncertainty

Uncertainty mindset

  • awareness
  • imagination
  • creativity

Data helps early stage, imagination helps future stage with higher uncertainty.

to think about the future we need the uncertainty mindset

Think in Scenarios

A story about the future …

  • describe environment outside your control
  • break inclination to predict - as objectively as possible
  • open mind to possibilities
  • reveal indicators - can identify elements of this future
  • find commonalities among scenarios

3 scenarios A,B,C and elements of each scenario (x). You can see what is likely to happen, what are commonly share elements

How to create scenarios

  • Time - how old are you gonna be… /and others
  • Uncertainty - what is the uncertainty in your scenario
  • another uncertainty
  • name and describe the scenario
  • elaborate on implications
  • think about 4-5 scenarios

[[Scenario Building.pdf]]

Deriving scenarios from 2 different dimensions

Make the vision vivid

  • what is within our control
  • make the future concrete and bridge the disconnect
  • needs to be compelling and motivating

make it an aspirational future

  • pick up great things from the past … that you might embed in your future



  • work back from your longer term goals - e.g. 3 years
  • where do I need to be in 2 years time then? What needs to happen.
  • what in 1 years time …
  • so instead of projecting from now to the future — start with the future and trace back



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