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ACCESS approach

An interesting mapping of tools in the areas folders vs links and knowledge vs action (A)tlas -(C)alendar - (C)ards - (E)xtra- (S)ources - (S)paces

ACCESS reflects the knowledge part. [[#Spaces]] with MAPS cover the action part.

Provides a top/down view.

Access approach map


Here we put new ideas…


Maps to your world of knowledge

  • Higher order notes like
    • Maps of Content (MOCs)
    • Dashboards
    • Overviews
    • Logs
    • Datascopes
  • Gather, develop and navigate knowledge


Log, track, review what matters Time based information.

  • Daily notes
  • Meetings
  • Plans
  • Reviews
  • Journals


Build and connect your ideas. Insight, ideas and other things.

  • Ideas
  • Things
  • People
  • Concepts

Our own things! (vs Sources with external things)


Keep your support material handy

Support material

  • Attachements
  • Graphics
  • Images
  • Manuals
  • Templates
  • Drawings


Build your external library of ideas

Things you encounter

  • Articles
  • Books
  • Podcasts
  • Research Papers
  • Courses
  • Talks


Big areas in your life eg.Life and Work

with Sub-structures - (M)ocs - (A)reas - (P)rojects - (S)upporting Notes In the MAPS the action happens.




Supporting Notes

Reflection to PARA

  • I like the ATLAS and Calendar entry points. Although:
    • ATLAS is currently covered by META folders
    • Calendar is currently covered by Journal folders but I like the sub-categories for it (like Daily, Plan, Reviw…) .. can make a great folder insights projects
  • I need to start using MOCs more to gain an overview and link things more together. The MOCs then build the central entry points to cross connect information.
  • Extra - is covered by Resources or Meta (and sub folders connected) …here I still need to further optimize and create clarity.
  • SPACES are covered by projects … and currently work better for me
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