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Notes from The Extended Mind

Source and [[Midjourney V6 prompts examples/030-039 Areas/32 Zettelkasten/Literature notes/Matter/The Extended Mind- Reimagining the Nature of Intelligence|Matter Highlights]]

Succeeding in such a world requires a range of mental abilities:

  • focused attention
  • expansive memory
  • plentiful bandwidth
  • sustained motivation
  • logical rigor
  • ability to learn new skills quickly

Intelligence is thus an act of continuous assembly and reassembly of resources external to the brain. (supports building a second brain)

Embodied Cognition – Thinking with the Body Whereas language is discrete and linear, gesture is impressionistic

  • 33% more likely to recall a point from a presentation if it was accompanied by a gesture
  • making gestures causes them to speak more fluently and articulately, make fewer mistakes, and present information in a more logical and intelligible way
  • “We are far better and more experienced at spatial thinking than at abstract thinking.”
  • By writing or sketching something down, we are carrying on a conversation between our hand, our eye, and our mind out of which can emerge something greater than the sum of those parts.

Fast follow vs innovation

  • one strategy was a clear winner across the board: copying others - imitation is often one of the most efficient and effective learning strategies
  • By waiting for others to try out new approaches and discover whether they work, you can reap most of the rewards of innovation without incurring most of the costs
  • costs for an imitator are typically 25% to 40% lower than those of an innovator, while still allowing them to reap most of the rewards

Arguments for social learning

  • Our brains evolved to think with people – to teach them, listen to them, argue with them, and exchange stories with them.
  • The same is true in business. Brian Uzzi, a professor of management at Northwestern University, says: “[My research] suggests that the process of knowledge creation has fundamentally changed…almost everything that human beings do today, in terms of generation of value, is no longer done by individuals. It’s done by teams.

Input in direction of BASB

  • By externalizing our knowledge, we not only free up our bandwidth and get smarter, we uncover the true value of the knowledge we already possess.
  • …how the brain changes in response to the tools we use
  • If our mental map of the limits of our body can be so easily extended using tools, what happens when those tools extend almost infinitely through the Internet, around the world, and into the minds of countless people we’ve never met?
  • “Whenever possible, we should endeavor to transform information into an artifact, to make data into something real – and then proceed to interact with it, labeling it, mapping it, feeling it, tweaking it, showing it to others.”


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