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Visualize my Knowledge Portfolio as T-Shaped graph

Idea is to use my [[31.01 Knowledge Portfolio]] and create a visualization in Excalidraw that displays my expertise areas and also shows the level of T expertise in certain aspects.

Further thoughts:

  • link an element in the graph to MOCs or knowledge notes in Obsidian
  • use a scale 1..10 for the expertise level of a topics
  • check connection with nice knowledge clustering from 21 Important Skills and Top 10 Skills of 2025
    • the competency bundles might be worth coloring or tagging
    • the competencies can be special points on the T-Shape
    • the important skill aspects can become special filters I can use to look at skills I’m good at … connected with skills needed
  • I can use that for self marketing, but also as a model for coaching and others to learn


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