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Beating Procrastination

Being Indistractible

A distractible person decides to be distracted.

4 Keystones for beating procrastination

  • Master triggers - awareness and work on it
  • Safeguard time - self, relationship, work
  • Safeguard focus - cut back distractions
  • Use pacts with yourself for preventing distractions

1 - Master triggers

Be Aware to Triggers

Distraction starts from within. So it is important to raise awareness to [[Trigger |Triggers]].

  • What is something uncomfortable to escape from?
  • What is an internal source to be aware of?

Negative feelings make us vulnerable to distraction.

When we notice that we get distracted:

  • Start an inner dialog with yourself
  • What are we being distracted from?
  • Notice triggers:
    • What is it?
    • When did it occur?
    • How did you feel?
    • What did you think? What thoughts tiggered?


  • Make tasks more fun.
    • e.g. convert to a challenge

2 - Safe guard time

  • for yourself
    • Plan quality time for yourself including Sleep
    • How do you want to spend time to take care of yourself?
  • your relationship
    • e.g. plan for dates, time to spend time together and for intimicy
  • your work
    • e.g. plan focus time and cut back office distractions

3 - Safeguard focus

  • make focus status visible
  • avoid topics that diminish attention (e.g. EMail)
    • e.g. with folder system folder today, folder week
    • meetings
      • insist on agenda and an overview on what has been done already
    • work with read later apps
    • take care to work with a clean workspace, desktop, phone space

10 Minute rule

Look for Apps that help you staying indistractible:

  • Self Control
  • StudyBuddy
  • Focus Made

4 - Create pacts

Picture a positive image of your future self.

Kids and distraction

Strengthen autonomy, competence and relatedness.

  • give psychological nutrients
  • provide unstructured playtime
  • creative time together
  • ask: How much time they think they should spent with devices? And have them monitoring themselfes.


Indistractible [[Midjourney V6 prompts examples/030-039 Areas/32 Zettelkasten/Permanent notes/Hooked/Hooked|Hooked]]

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