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Brainstorming for concreate actions for a user to take

Free float action brainstorming

  • Insert a template
  • Create a fleeting note
    • inside fleeting note folder
    • by inserting the fleeting note template (and relying on the Auto Note mover)
  • Create a daily note and fill the note
  • Link a note with the daily notes

Basics of Obsidian

  • Overview on working with Notes and getting familiar with Markdown

Build your Capture

  • Connect with Kindle and insert first note
  • Connect with Matter and insert first note
  • Grow your Zettelkasten
    • see create a fleeting note

Understand Organize

  • PARA Overview
  • Create a list of your current projects
    • Implement the list of projects in your PARA folder structure
  • Create a list of Areas
    • Implement the folder structure for your areas
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